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Canton Fair Time Insider: Precise Schedule Planning, Don't Miss Any Excitement!


The Canton Fair, as a crucial platform for China's foreign trade, attracts businessmen and exhibitors from around the world every year. For everyone involved, accurately understanding the schedule of the Canton Fair is crucial.

In this article, we will unveil the schedule of the 135th Canton Fair in advance, helping you plan your schedule accurately to ensure you don't miss any exciting moments.

The Canton Fair schedule is usually divided into multiple phases, each with its unique theme and focus. First, let's understand the specific timing of each phase of the exhibition.

Canton Fair Phase 1 2024(April 15th-19th ):  Electronics & Appliance、Manufacturing、Vehicles & Two Wheels、Light & Electrical、Hardware

Canton Fair Phase 2 2024(April 23rd-27th ):  Housewares、Gifts& Decorations、 Building & Furniture

Canton Fair Phase 3 2024(May 1st-5th ):  Toys & Children Baby and Maternity、 Fashion、 Home Textiles、Stationery、 Health & Recreation

In addition to the schedule of each phase of the exhibition, the Canton Fair also organizes various professional forums, seminars, and events.  These activities not only provide you with learning and networking opportunities but also allow you to establish closer connections with your peers. 

To ensure you don't miss any excitement, we recommend you prepare in advance:

1.  Create a detailed schedule plan, allocate time reasonably to ensure full participation in the exhibitions and activities you are interested in.

2.  Book transportation and accommodation in advance to avoid congestion and inconvenience during peak periods.

3.  Follow the official website and social media accounts of the Canton Fair to get the latest information and updates in a timely manner. 

Accurately understanding the schedule of the Canton Fair will provide strong assurance for your exhibition or visit.  Let's look forward to this grand event together, seize every exciting moment, and create broader business prospects!

If you find yourself confused about transportation in China, feel free to reach out to us.  We will gladly provide guide services to assist you during your visit to the Canton Fair.

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