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Customized Paddle

With effective R&D system we can ensure the prompt development of new pickleball paddles. We stay up-to-date new trends new ideas of pickleball paddles.

Many small or medium sellers want to make a new product to get a niche margin and beat their competitors. Tell us your product ideas, we are ready to help bring your ideas into reality step by step.

1. How to choose paddle shape ?

There are some available shape options that you can download diecast directly from our website, so you can get it and design patten.

If you can’t find your expected shape or dimension, you can both provide your CAD drawing or let us do for you.

2. How to choose paddle surface material?

Option 1: Carbon fiber: UD/3K/18K/ T700….

Feature: durable, professional, lightweight, high cost

We recommend UD as the cost of other material is much higher. We can make it professional by surface textured treatment.

Option 2: Glass fiber

Feature: smooth, high-performance, cost-effective.

This is really the best choice if you want to cover the full paddle surface with your pattern.

3. How to choose paddle core material?

Option 1: Polymer core – lightweight, high-performance

Option 2: Nomex – expensive, noisy

Option 3: Aluminum – outdated, heavy, expensive

4. How to decide the thickness of paddle?

The thickness of paddle mainly depends on the core. There are 9.8mm, 12.8mm, 15.5mm for the core, and plus the thickness of carbon fiber or glass fiber 0.4mm by 2 sides.

9.8mm is still the most popular style in the market as most of the pickleball players ae starters. But more and more pickleball players prefer to choose 12.8mm and 15.5mm as their win weapon. Now it will not be tough for you to determine which thickness.

5. Where we can put the logo or pattern ?

1. We can print the logo or pattern on the paddle surface.

2. We can print the logo on the handle grip tape.

3. We can engrave the logo on the handle rubber ring

4. We can sew or silk print the logo on the paddle cover or bag.

5. We can engrave or silk print the logo on the pickleball.

6. We can customize color box according to AI or PDF drawing.

7. We can customize private label, hang tag, stickers, thankyou card, etc.

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