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3D18k Custom Pickleball Paddle
  • 3D18k Custom Pickleball Paddle3D18k Custom Pickleball Paddle

3D18k Custom Pickleball Paddle

🎾Product Name: 18k Custom Pickleball Paddle.

🎾Core: Polymer honeycomb interior.

🎾SPIN & FEEL: Designed to improve ball pocketing, grip and the 18,000 individual carbon fibers offer improved feel and dwell time compared to our traditional Carbon fiber paddles.

🎾Thickness Selection: 10mm pickleball paddle, 13mm pickleball paddle,16mm pickleballpaddle.

🎾Great Personalization and Customization: Surface, color of edgeguard, color and style of grip.

🎾USA Pickleball Approved: All pickleball paddles meet the requirements by the USA Pickleball Association..

🎾For All Skill Levels and All Ages: The Pickleball Rackets is for all ages and all skill levels. Great pickleball paddles for beginners, pro, children, women.

🥇Newday Technology Co., Ltd. is a pickleball paddle manufacturer and supplier that is concerned with design, development, production of pickleball paddle made in China, including custom pickleball paddle, carbon fiber pickleball paddle, graphite pickleball paddle, glass fiber pickleball and other pickleball products. In addition, we also support the wholesale pickleball paddle.


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Product Description

18k Custom Pickleball Paddle

🥇With its 18k carbon fiber face, this pickleball paddle is one good-looking piece of equipment. But this is much more than just another pretty paddle, it rocks when it comes to Spin & Feel.

🥇The unique design improves ball pocketing and grip, kicking you to the next strata when it comes to generating spin. And compare with traditional carbon fibers, it offers more feel and longer dwell time. The core is made from a single cell of polypropylene honeycomb, providing a large sweet spot and consistency in feel across the paddle. 

🥇Pinpoint control, great feel, and deadly power. This is our most versatile, all-around paddle for the hard-core Pickleball player.

🥇Newday Technology Co., Ltd. is a pickleball paddle manufacturer and supplier that is concerned with design, development, production of pickleball paddle made in China, including custom pickleball paddle, carbon fiber pickleball paddle, graphite pickleball paddle, glass fiber pickleball and other pickleball products. In addition, we also support the wholesale pickleball paddle.

Face Material: Caron fiber/T700/18k
Honeycomb Core: Polymer
Printing Method: UV Printing
Size: 16.53*7.91*0.59 inch or Customized inch or Customized
Color: Plain 18K surface/custom printing
Weight: 7.5-8.5OZ
Handle Grip: 1.5mm PU Leather Or Customized
Package: Opp bag/Carton/Sling bag/Paddle Cover

Our Factory Advantages :

1. 8 years verified manufacturing supplier on alibaba

2. 10000 pcs daily production gives you a fast order lead time.

3. Professional customized service team to help you realize your design.

4. Research Team keep creating new paddles each month.

5. Competitive factory price insures your high profit.

6. More than 200 paddle shape options, ODM shape accepted !

Pickleball Paddle Customise options:

1. Production Type: cold pressed paddles and thermoformed paddles.

2. Surface Material: fiberglass, carbon fiber, T700/T800, 3K/12K/18K, flax fiber, new quiet material

3. Core Material : Polypropylene honeycomb (PP), EVA, Mix-layers

4. Paddle Thickness: 10mm/14mm/16mm  (PP core thickness 9.8/12.8/15.5mm)

5. Surface finish: low texture, high texture, low grit.

6. Comprehensive solutions for other accessories likes package, balls.


1. Are you a manufacture or Trade company?

 Located in Shenzhen and Huizhou city,  Newday company is a professional pickleball paddle manufacture and trader with 8 years experiences.

2. What ‘s the MOQ of customize logo paddle ?

 We offer flexible MOQ of paddles, no MOQ if only printing on surface. The MOQ is 100 pcs if we custom logo on other parts or accessories.

3. What types of pickleball paddles do you produce?

 We offer cold press and thermoformed foam injected pickleball paddles. The difference between them is whether we use a mold to form the paddle edge.

4. What material do you offer for the paddles ?

 For paddle face ,there are fiberglass, carbon fiber, kevlar, T700/T800, 3K/12K/18K, Flax fiber, new anti-noise material. For paddle core, there are polymer honeycomb, EVA, aramid, Mix-core.

5. What thickness are available ?

 Usually 10mm,14mm,16mm, and custom thickness.

6. How can you do to increase the spin control of paddle?

 We advise to add texture on the surface, low texture and high texture. If edgeless paddle, we suggest small grit surface.

7. Can we custom the color of the edge guard and handle grip?  

  Yes of course. There will takes a little bit high MOQ, 300 pcs.  

8. Can we custom gift boxes?  

  Of course we can. You can ask for die cast from us to design. We can also assist on the designs.

9. Do the paddles meet USAPA standard?

 Yes all the paddles we make can meet USAPA standard, unless you want to customize special paddles. You need to summit 6 paddle for testing.

10. What payment method?

 Alibaba assurance, T/T to bank account, Paypal, for your convenience.

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