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Best Pickleball Paddle with Most Power
  • Best Pickleball Paddle with Most PowerBest Pickleball Paddle with Most Power
  • Best Pickleball Paddle with Most PowerBest Pickleball Paddle with Most Power
  • Best Pickleball Paddle with Most PowerBest Pickleball Paddle with Most Power

Best Pickleball Paddle with Most Power

🎾Product Name: Best Pickleball Paddle with Most Power.

🎾Core: Polymer honeycomb interior.

🎾Thickness Selection: 10mm pickleball paddle, 13mm pickleball paddle,16mm pickleballpaddle.

🎾Grip: Highly condensed foam used in the tennis and golf industry, covered by a custom color faux-leather grip. Sweat-proof and built to last.

🎾Great Personalization and Customization: Surface, color of edgeguard, color and style of grip.

🎾Lightweight Pickleball Paddles : Only 7.5OZ for each paddle, these pickleball racquets are beautifully balanced between lightweight paddles and medium weight paddles. Perfect for the next generation of Pickleball players.

🎾USA Pickleball Approved: All pickleball paddles meet the requirements by the USA Pickleball Association..

🥇Newday Technology Co., Ltd. is a pickleball paddle manufacturer and supplier that is concerned with design, development, production of pickleball paddle made in China, including custom pickleball paddle, carbon fiber pickleball paddle, graphite pickleball paddle, glass fiber pickleball and other pickleball products. In addition, we also support the wholesale pickleball paddle.


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Product Description

🥇This T700 pickleball paddle provides a wide base for blocking tough attacks. 

One of its most enticing features is the unique surface which creates better traction so pickleballs easily spin off the face. 

Players will love the intense control this offers along with its USAPA approval, which allows it to be used in official competitions.

🥇The paddle is traditional in both core thickness and paddle shape. It feels like an old friend when you pick it up. 

The sweet spot is in the center of the paddle face and the pop from the carbon fiber face gets serves and returns deep.

🥇For the player looking for CRAFTSMANSHIP, PERFORMANCE, with POWER!

Product Name:  Best Pickleball Paddle with Most Power
Face Material:   
Caron fiber/t700     
Honeycomb Core:
Printing Method:
UV Printing
16.53*7.91*0.59 inch or Customized inch or Customized
Plain 18K surface/custom printing
Handle Grip:
1.5mm PU Leather Or Customized
Opp bag/Carton/Sling bag/Paddle Cover 

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